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Upcoming events

    • April 25, 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Durango Dharma Center


    An EXPERIENTIAL class 


    SIX Wednesdays starting APRIL 25,  6:00 – 8:00 pm

    SORRY, THIS Class Is This Full

    (If you would like to be placed on the wait list, contact Terry Leonard,  tleonard@frontier.net, 970-799-0084.) 

    In this six-week class, we’ll explore the interface of Buddhism and psychology as a support to our practice. We’ll discover how psychological maps aid our awakening; explore the wisdom of Buddhist psychology; and consider the practices of deep mindfulness and embodied attention in releasing fixations that create a limited sense of self. 

    Importantly, we will practice with our own minds, using skillful means to work with our limiting beliefs and difficult emotions as a path to awakening. This class is experiential and explores deep mindfulness practices. It is suitable for seasoned meditators.  

    DATES: Wednesdays, April 25 - May 30 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm  

    VENUE: Durango Dharma Center, 1800 East 3rd Ave.

    PREREQUISITES: This class is opened to seasoned practitioners. As a prerequisite, we ask that you meet ONE of the following criteria: 1.) have taken the recent After Buddhism Essential Dharma class, 2.) have at least five nights of residential retreat experience or 3.) ask for permission from Maureen. You may contact her at mofcyr@hotmail.com and please put "Psych Class" in the subject line. Please note that Maureen will be out of contact March 20-April 18, so inquiries made during that time will be answered after April 18. 

    QUESTIONNAIRE: In an effort to best serve you and hold your practice during this class, all registrants will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire and provide a small head shot photograph. The questionnaires are private and will be mailed to and viewed only by Maureen. (You will receive the questionnaire once you register.) 

    COST: Sliding scale $50, $70, $90 due upon the first class. Financial assistance is available by contacting Terry Leonard, whose info is below, before the first meeting. Your registration fee supports the Durango Dharma Center. Our programs are offered on the basis of dana, a practice of shared (or mutual) generosity that has been alive since the time of the Buddha. At the end of the program, there will be an opportunity to offer a donation to the teacher. 

    REGISTER: Online on this website (see upper left corner) or via the downloadable registration form. Please send form to Terry Leonard, 1414 Ridge Road, Durango, CO 81303.  

    QUESTIONS: Please contact Terry Leonard, tleonard@frontier.net, 970-799-0084. 

    MORE ABOUT MAUREEN FALLON-CYR:  Maureen Fallon-Cyr is a senior dharma leader at the Durango Dharma Center and has practiced mindfulness and meditation since 1994. She has attended multiple silent meditation retreats, including month-long retreats, and is a graduate of Spirit Rock's Advanced Practitioners Program. A graduate of Smith College and a certified Hakomi therapist, Maureen has worked as a mindfulness-based psychotherapist with children and adults for over twenty-five years. As a wife and mother of two children, Maureen is deeply committed to the path of awakening as a householder. Through her combination of spiritual practice and psychology, Maureen enjoys teaching embodiment practices that lead to awakening. 


    Download Mail-In Registration Form >>

    • April 28, 2018
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Durango Dharma Center



    Saturday, April 28 from 9 am to 4 pm

    Join us for a beautiful spring day of meditation practice. We will bring our mindful attention to the sights, scents and sounds of spring as we rest in awareness with sitting and walking meditation. All are welcome, including those new to meditation as well as experienced practitioners. 

    COST: Cost for the retreat is on a sliding scale of $25-$45. Financial assistance is available by contacting Terry Leonard at tleonard@frontier.net or 970-799-0084. We kindly ask those seeking financial assistance to reach out to Terry prior to registering as refunds are difficult with our system. Thank you!

    Registration fees support the Durango Dharma Center. This retreat is offered on the basis of dana, a practice of mutual generosity that has been alive since the time of the Buddha. At the end of the retreat there will be an opportunity to offer a donation to the teacher.  

    VENUE: Durango Dharma Center, 1800 East 3rd Avenue, Suite 109

    REGISTER: Register online here (see upper left corner) or download a mail-in registration form. Please mail check payable to the Durango Dharma Center and send to Terry Leonard, 1414 Ridge Road, Durango, CO 81303

    >> Download Mail-in Registration Form >> 

    For more information about Maureen Fallon-Cyr, please click here

    • May 11, 2018
    • 3:00 PM
    • May 16, 2018
    • 11:00 AM
    • Kelly Place Bed & Breakfast, McElmo Canyon, Colorado

    quieting the mind, freeing the heart

    five-night retreat with erin treat & tempel smith

    Assisted by Yong Oh 

    Friday, May 11 - Wednesday, May 16
    During this five-night retreat, we will engage in Buddhist practices of lovingkindness, mindfulness, and insight meditation, developing an embodied awareness of our present-moment experience. With kind, sustained attention, we become available to experience deepening wisdom and compassion both on retreat and within our daily lives.

    The teachings of this retreat will draw upon the four foundational ways of attending to experience (satipatthana). We will practice to cultivate and recognize an inward-dwelling attention that allows us to meet the moments of our lives with more courage, responsiveness, and ease. 

    This retreat is suitable for those new to meditation practice as well as those who are already dedicated to this path of awakening. Our retreat will be held in noble silence from the first evening until the last morning, including a requirement to turn off and put away all electronic devices. We wholeheartedly welcome folks from all identities and backgrounds to participate in this retreat. 

    DATES: Friday, May 11 - Wednesday, May 16. The retreat starts in the afternoon and ends by about noon on the last day.  

    VENUE: Kelly Place Bed & Breakfast in McElmo Canyon outside of Cortez, Colorado. 

    COST: Sliding scale, $620-$1,000. Fee includes five nights of shared lodging and three meals daily. There is a $40 early-bird discount for signing up and paying the deposit before April 11. There is an additional $40 discount for tent campers (but not for RV campers). Financial assistance is available by contacting Cindy Dunbar at d2@ekiva.net or (970) 764-8070. To secure your spot in the retreat, we ask a $200 deposit. 

    This retreat is offered on the basis of dana, a practice of shared (or mutual) generosity that has been alive since the time of the Buddha. At the end of the retreat, there will be an opportunity to offer a donation to the teachers. 

    REGISTER: Online on this website or via the downloadable registration form (click here) with the deposit ($200) payable to Durango Dharma Center. Please send form to Cindy Dunbar, 46 Durango Road, Durango, CO 81301.  

    QUESTIONS: Please contact Cindy Dunbar, at d2@ekiva.net or (970) 764-8070. 

    ABOUT ERIN TREAT: Erin is the resident dharma teacher at the Durango Dharma Center and an authorized teacher in the lineage of Western Theravada Buddhism. She has been practicing vipassana meditation since 1995. Since 2003, Erin has served the DDC in a variety of roles, including serving on the board of directors and the Dharma Council. Erin has completed the Community Dharma Leader training program as well as the intensive four-year Spirit Rock/IMS Teacher Training. She is also guiding teacher of Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center in northern New Mexico and teaches regularly at Spirit Rock and the Insight Meditation Society.   

    ABOUT TEMPEL SMITH: Tempel Smith teaches mindfulness, insight, and metta meditation with an emphasis on Buddhist psychology and mind-body awareness. He spent a year as a monk in Burma with Sayadaw U Pandita and Pa Auk Sayadaw. Now, he organizes the Dedicated Practitioners Program for Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California and Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts. 

    ABOUT YONG OH: Yong Oh has studied Soto Zen and vipassana with various teachers, including his primary teachers Kittisaro and Thanissara, since 2006. He is an acupuncturist, a co-teacher at Chattanooga Insight, a community dharma leader who speaks frequently at the Durango Dharma Center, and a graduate of Spirit Rock's Community Dharma Leader Program. He is currently a participant in the 2017-2021 Insight Meditation Society Teacher Training Program. 

    CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that we have a new cancellation policy! Should you need to cancel your registration, we encourage you to let Cindy Dunbar (d2@ekiva.net or 970-764-8070) know as soon as possible so that we can open your spot up to another participant. The cancellation fees increase as we approach the retreat:

    More than 4 weeks prior to the retreat: $100 fee retained, refund of $100. 

    Between 4 weeks and 1 week prior to the retreat: $150 fee retained, refund of $50. 

    7 days prior to retreat: $200 deposit retained, no refund. 

    Download Mail-In Registration Form >>

    • June 04, 2018
    • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Durango Dharma Center



    Monday, June 4 from 5:30-7:00 pm

    On Monday, June 4, Lama Tsultrim Allione will offer a Monday night talk based on her new book, Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine. In this book, a dynamic spiritual model based on a 1,000-year-old tradition from Tibet meets the gale force winds of the current world situation. 

    Lama Tsultrim shows us the secret to harnessing the energy of the fierce wise dakini, a previously forbidden aspect of the feminine, whose juicy potency is so needed now. Through the Dakini Mandala, a universal template of wholeness, each of the five dakinis — embodiments of the fierce feminine — transforms an emotional encumbrance into wisdom. The mandala brings strength from the inside out, giving a practical method to become an effective agent of transformation in your world. 

    During this talk, Lama Tsultrim will offer an introduction to the mandala and the dakini principle then a short guided experiential journey into the mandala of your innermost being, where the empowered feminine resides. 

    Books will be available for purchase and the evening talk will be followed by a book signing.

    COST: By donation. This talk is offered on the basis of dana, a practice of mutual generosity that has been alive since the time of the Buddha. There will be an opportunity to offer a donation to the teacher. 

    VENUE: Durango Dharma Center, 1800 East 3rd Avenue, Suite 109

    REGISTER: No need to register. Please just show up! 

    QUESTIONS: Please contact Maureen Fallon-Cyr at mofcyr@hotmail.com. 

    ABOUT LAMA TSULTRIM: Lama Tsultrim Allione is an author, internationally known Buddhist teacher, and the founder and resident lama of Tara Mandala near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. She is author of Women of Wisdom and Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict and has just completed her new book, Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine, to be published in May 2018. At the same time, Lama Tsultrim continues to guide Tara Mandala and thousands of students around the world.

Durango Dharma Center • 1800 E. Third Ave. • P.O. Box 1631 • Durango, CO 81302