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What's New at the Dharma Center

Dear Sangha,
At the recent community meeting on Monday, April 10, the Board of Directors and Dharma Council announced some important updates. We’d like to offer a recap for those who missed the meeting.

The Dharma Council is currently in a process of change. Katherine and Bill, who have served so beautifully for so many years, are beginning to take a step back. The move may not be immediately apparent; nonetheless we’d like to keep you informed. Bill and Katherine will continue to offer dharma talks, meet with practitioners to discuss their practices, and mentor kalyana mitta groups. Katherine will also continue to guide Sati Sundays. However, they have already started to relinquish some of their administrative duties, such as organizing scheduling and running the website. Bill has also stepped down from the board.

Meanwhile, Erin and Maureen will be assuming larger roles in supporting the teachings at the Dharma Center, with Erin as Resident Dharma Teacher and Maureen as Senior Dharma Leader. They will also start assuming more responsibility for scheduling, mentoring kalyana mitta groups and volunteers, and many behind-the-scenes duties.

For years, our beloved Dharma Council has offered their time and energy with minimal compensation, serving many many hours on a volunteer basis. We are deeply grateful for their service. This is not a sustainable arrangement. The Board of Directors recently approved an agreement that will offer the Dharma Council more appropriate and sustainable compensation starting this quarter.  

We will start by drawing from funds that we currently have built up. The Dharma Center’s finances are in good standing. (To see a powerpoint with our financial information that Vic, our treasurer, drew up, please go here). However, we will also need to increase our revenue to support these changes.

It was uplifting to see the deep support among sangha members at the community meeting, many of whom encouraged participation in Sustaining Sangha, the direct-deposit giving program that sustains all that we do at the Dharma Center. If you haven’t already, please consider donating through this program so that we can continue to serve you and the rest of the community well into the future.

Also know that the Dharma Council is committed to developing new leadership from within the community and bringing in teachings from outside of our community. A sustainable compensation framework will help the Dharma Center attract and retain new leaders and teachers well into the future. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any board member with questions or concerns.

With gratitude and metta,
Dharma Center Board of Directors
Marc Katz, Paula Dunne, Jim Bolton, Vic Lopez, and Kate Siber

Durango Dharma Center • 1800 E. Third Ave. • P.O. Box 1631 • Durango, CO 81302