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Volunteer Profiles

Volunteer Profiles

Meet Vic Lopez, Volunteer and Board President

By Zach Hively For more than 30 years, Victor Lopez ran a thriving medical practice—and lived in his head. He needed his strong analytical sense to help him care for his patients and operate a complex business, La Plata Family Medicine. “I’ve always been someone who operated from a mental, intellectual approach to things,” he […]

Meet Elisabeth Peterson, Volunteer

By Zach Hively Our individual dharma practices take us each on a personal journey. Volunteer Elisabeth Peterson’s has taken her a long way over the last fourteen years: she’s ventured all the way from the back row to serving the community from the front of the room. “I’ve always been an introverted person,” Elisabeth says. […]

Meet Sari Salisbury, Volunteer

By Zach Hively Sari Salisbury is a fixture at the Dharma Center, but it took a serious kick in the pants to get her meditating in the first place. “I slipped on a carpeted stairway, and my heels went out, and I landed on my sacroiliac,” says Sari. “I went BOOM BOOM BOOM down the […]