In Need of Support?

Many of us are unsettled by these challenging times of pandemic and social isolation. It’s very natural and common to feel a range of unpredictable emotions, including sadness, anxiety, anger and confusion, and it can be deeply supportive simply to connect with a like-minded human.

In the spirit of mutual support and spiritual friendship, a group of senior practitioners and board members affiliated with the Dharma Center has assembled to serve the needs of our sangha. This group of listeners includes Vic Lopez, Lynne Sholler, Judy Gerhardt, Susan McGinness, Alena George, Ross Park, Ellen Park, Ginger St. Ours, Myah Lee and Kate Siber. If you feel it would be supportive simply to chat with a compassionate peer listener during a time of difficulty, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Stephanie Herbst ( or 970-426-8983) who can connect you directly. It’s important to note that this is not therapy or a professional service but rather a mutual exchange of open-hearted presence during a challenging time. May we all weather the storm together.