The Dharma Center maintains a small, curated library of Buddhist and spiritual books, which is open to the public anytime the doors are open for programs, classes, and retreats. Our dedicated group of volunteers maintains this library and has established an extensive online catalog of titles. Click here to peruse the Dharma Center’s online catalog.

For questions about books or library lending, please contact Gale Zander Barlow at The library is currently not accepting book donations.

“Don’t go searching for the Dhamma outside, for it lies within. Peace lies within, but we have to contemplate so that we’re aware all around—subtly, deep down.”

-Upasika Nanayon


The Dharma Center is part of an informal community of Buddhist centers across the country. There are numerous resources for practitioners wishing to deepen their understanding, from retreat centers to books and audio resources. Here we share just a few resources to support your practice beyond the center:

Mindfulness and Recovery Group Resources

For those who wish to explore other recovery resources, here are a number of options:

The Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office of Colorado’s website lists all of the AA meetings in the region, including in-person offerings.

John Bruna’s Mindful Life Program lists Mindfulness in Recovery meetings that take place online.

Al-Anon also lists meetings by location on its website.

Young People in Recovery also has a robust Durango chapter. Learn more about their offerings by checking out their Facebook page.

You may also be interested in Alcoholics Anonymous podcasts, which you can access by clicking here.

Residential Retreat Centers

Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California

Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts

Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center in Northern New Mexico

Vipassana Metta Foundation, Maui, Hawaii

Glossary of Pali Terms

Pali was the language in which the Buddha taught. From time to time, we use Pali words in dharma talks and on our website. Click here for a glossary of Pali terms.

Podcasts and Other Resources

Please visit for access to hundreds of dharma talks.

The teacher Jack Kornfield offers a podcast, Heart Wisdom.

The teacher Tara Brach offers a podcast.

The teacher Sharon Salzberg offers podcasts, videos and blog posts.

Ajahn Sucitto, a senior monk and teacher, offers audio resources and articles on his website.

Lion’s Roar is a website and magazine that publishes articles on Buddhist topics.

An Update on the Dharma Center’s Response to the Pandemic

Many of us are longing to connect during these trying times. For the foreseeable future, the Dharma Center feels it is safest and most in alignment with sila  (moral conduct) to continue to meet over the Zoom platform. We wish to protect the health of everyone, including our most health-challenged members, and to ensure the […]

Recovery and Mindfulness Group to Meet Sundays Only

Recovery and Mindfulness Group Meeting Sundays Only Starting October 4 The Recovery and Mindfulness Group, formerly known as the Mindfulness 12 Step Group, is currently meeting on Sunday afternoons from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. Starting the week of October 4, we will no longer be meeting on Wednesdays for the short-term future. There will be […]

Zoom update required before May 30, 2020

Dear DDC Community, Zoom has announced that all participants in meetings will be required to have the latest version of their software beginning May 30, 2020. It is important that you update your Zoom client or app prior to that date to avoid any hassle with signing on. This is easy to do! For PC’s/Mac: […]

In Need of Support?

Many of us are unsettled by these challenging times of pandemic and social isolation. It’s very natural and common to feel a range of unpredictable emotions, including sadness, anxiety, anger and confusion, and it can be deeply supportive simply to connect with a like-minded human. In the spirit of mutual support and spiritual friendship, a […]

Support and Online Offerings During Time of Coronavirus

Dear Sangha, Like many of you, we at the Durango Dharma Center are receiving the news of coronavirus with deep concern. This is a time of great uncertainty and it’s natural to feel anxiety, worry, sadness and other challenging emotions as many beings are affected by both the illness and the ramifications of its spread. […]

Meet Stephanie Herbst, Our New Operations Manager!

This September, the Durango Dharma Center welcomed our very first operations manager, Stephanie Herbst! Stephanie is a longtime member of our sangha and a retired schoolteacher. She has also volunteered with many local organizations, including Stillwater Music Foundation, Four Corners Orff Schulwerk Association, the Durango Film Festival, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, and the Community Concert Hall. […]