Welcome to the Durango Dharma Center!

The Durango Dharma Center (DDC) was formed in 1991 by a few individuals desiring support in their sitting practice. It is now home to many meditators of all levels of practice with classes for beginner's, families, and those interested in deeper study of the Buddha's teachings. The DDC is Vipassana (Insight) oriented but welcomes meditators of any tradition.

Fall Non-residential Retreat With Mark Coleman, October 10-12, 2014


Loving Presence – The Union of Mindfulness & Love

"Awareness is the foundation of kindness - Kindness is the expression of awareness" 

– 6th Zen Patriarch

Mindfulness and love are essential and beautiful qualities of an awakened life. Mindfulness leads to clarity, insight and understanding. Compassion is an attitude of heart that cares deeply about life’s challenges. It allows a kind embrace of ourselves and connects us intimately with each other and the world. In this creative weekend of meditation we will discover how these qualities are intimately related and mutually supportive. We will explore how they are necessary in any journey of awakening and in learning to live wisely and kindly. 

Participants will cultivate awareness through mindfulness meditations and develop a compassionate orientation through heart opening practices. Teachings will focus on the integration of love and awareness so mindfulness practice is fused with a kind receptive presence. We will also inquire into what obstructs the natural expression of the heart and what hinders us from being fully present in the moment.

Sitting and walking practice and short Qi Gong sessions are part of each day. Suitable for people new to meditation and for experienced students wishing to deepen and broaden their practice of mindfulness.



Directions to the Dharma Center

 The physical address of the Durango Dharma Center is 208 CR 250. It is located at the intersection of 32nd Street and CR 250 (East Animas Rd). Turn onto Metz Lane and pull into the parking lot, your first left.