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The Dharma Center is supported by the talent and generosity of more than 90 volunteers. Volunteering is a beautiful way to both support the dharma in Durango and deepen your own practice through service. We welcome those who have attended sits, classes, and retreats at the center to join our vibrant community of volunteers.

Volunteers serve through countless tasks, including cleaning, greeting, organizing books in the library, taking care of the facility, writing thank-you notes, carpentry, maintaining the website, arranging flowers, managing retreats and programs, bookkeeping, organizing events, photography, social media, publicity, graphic design, distributing flyers, and many other activities. Offerings of specific skills are very much welcome. Many volunteer hours are flexible and often only involve a once a month commitment with time off as needed.

Beginning in 2021, we also launched a program called Sangha Care, in which members of the sangha (community) offer the gift of service to fellow practitioners in need. This can include picking up groceries, dog walking, or other errands. Please click here for more information on the Sangha Care program.

If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to our volunteer coordinator at .

Click here to read profiles of some of our most dedicated volunteers!

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