About the DDC

About the Durango Dharma Center

The Durango Dharma Center offers meditation and teachings steeped in the tradition of Theravada Buddhism. Dedicated to the Buddha’s practices, we support awakening and mindful living, cultivating refuge, freedom, and well-being in the midst of everyday life.

For centuries, Buddhist practitioners have gathered together in sangha—the ancient Pali word for community. Together, we meditate, practice, study, and grow, supporting each other in developing mindful awareness, wisdom and compassion.

Our community includes a wide variety of practitioners, from those who have never meditated to many who have practiced for decades. Whether you drop in for a Monday night sit and dharma talk, or seek to deepen your practice through daylong retreats or classes, your presence is welcome here. The Dharma Center aspires to be a refuge for people of all races, gender identities, sexual identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, political persuasions, and belief systems. We are a community of belonging.

“We’re all Buddhas. We just don’t recognize it.”

-Mingyur Rinpoche


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