Monday Speakers

Monday, March 25
Dave Smith

Monday, April 1
Yong Oh

Monday, April 8
Katherine Barr

Monday, April 15
Yong Oh

Monday, April 22
Eugene Cash

Monday, April 29
Debra Quayle

Monday, May 6 
Erin Treat

Monday, May 13
Maureen Fallon-Cyr

Monday, May 20
Bill Ball

Monday, May 27
Sit Only

Welcome to the Dharma Center!

 The Durango Dharma Center (DDC) was formed in 1991 by a few individuals desiring support in their sitting practice. It is now home to many meditators of all levels of practice with classes for beginners, families, and those interested in deeper study of the Buddha's teachings. The DDC is Vipassana (Insight) oriented but welcomes meditators of any tradition. 

Upcoming EVENTS

exploring buddhism & recovery

A mindfulness-based 12-step daylong retreat
with dave smith
Sunday March 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Over the last two decades, many people have experienced success integrating mindfulness and Buddhism into their process of recovery from all forms of addictive behaviors. What can Buddhism offer to those who struggle with addiction? How is Buddhism similar to the 12 Steps and how is it different? How can mindfulness be utilized in recovery programs? During this day-long event, Dave Smith will explore these questions and offer multiple perspectives and practices that support both practice and the process of recovery.


Your Heart 

Practicing metta as receptive non-hatred 
A daylong retreat with Erin Treat
Saturday, March 30, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

During this daylong retreat, we will explore how practicing with a receptive form of metta (loving-kindness) allows us to cultivate a heart of goodwill and non-hatred. With this quality of receptive non-hatred, we open more easily to embodied experience and become able to investigate directly the nature of our experience rather than push it away. This in turn allows us to respond to the challenges we face both internally and externally in a way that brings forth natural resilience and deepening ease.

The day will include sitting and walking meditation as well as dharma reflection, inquiry, and guided meditations. This retreat is suitable for beginning and experienced practitioners. We wholeheartedly welcome people of all identities to participate.


residential retreat 

investigating reality: The four ennobling truths
a five-night retreat with erin treat & eugene cash
April 23 - April 28
Kelly Place bed & breakfast
cortez, co
This insight meditation retreat will utilize the foundations of mindfulness to cultivate a steady, embodied awareness, which will allow us to look deeply into the reality of our immediate experience. The practice of mindfulness and meditation bring clarity of mind and heart that deepens into wisdom and compassion.

On this retreat we will explore the essence of the Buddha’s teachings of suffering and liberation by examining the four ennobling truths suffering, the cause of suffering, freedom from suffering, and the path that leads to freedom -through meditation, interactive investigation, and reflection. The embodiment of our understanding will allow us to more deeply recognize our true nature, inviting greater freedom, spaciousness, and love.  

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