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Where inner peace is possible

Guided by the Buddha’s teachings (Dharma) and grounded in insight meditation practice (vipassana), the Durango Dharma Center is a refuge where people of all walks of life can gather to quiet our minds, open our hearts, find community, and cultivate a more peaceful relationship with ourselves and our lives.

We offer regular weekly and monthly sitting meditation programs and dharma talks as well as beginning meditation classes, courses for deepening study, daylong retreats, non-residential retreats, and an annual off-site residential retreat. We also host a variety of

spiritual friends (kalyana mitta) groups, including gatherings for seniors, 40- and 50-somethings, 20- and 30-somethings, and Mindfulness-Based 12 Step as well as a teacher-led group for people of color. Some of our leaders and teachers also offer individual discussions for committed students looking for support for their practice.

The Dharma Center is a community of belonging. We aspire to be a refuge to people of all races, gender identities, sexual identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, political persuasions and belief systems. Your presence is welcome here.


Learn more about meditation and the liberating teachings of the Buddha—and what to expect when you come to the Dharma Center.

Monday Night Speaker Schedule

Each Monday evening, we offer a sitting meditation and dharma talk from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. All are welcome.

Classes, Retreats & Events

The Dharma Center offers beginning meditation classes three times each year, as well as ongoing classes that explore the deeper teachings of the Buddha. In support of your practice, we also offer daylong retreats, non-residential retreats and residential retreats.


Your support makes all that we offer possible.

If you are moved to contribute, please consider offering a one-time donation, joining our monthly giving program, or volunteering.

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“For the awakening of the heart, conditions are always good enough.”

-Ajahn Sumedo