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Deepening Dharma: Peer-Led Dharma Study & Book Clubs

Many of you have expressed the wish to deepen into practice in the form of small study groups. We have made it happen! If you are interested in joining a group of 6-8 fellow dharma practitioners to study together between 1-3 times each month, we invite you to fill out the short survey below. We form groups based on your stated needs and desires regarding timing, meeting frequency, the means by which you meet (online or in person), and compatibility in terms of practice history.

Each group is collectively peer-led (not teacher-led) and will decide together what book they would like to study, whether it’s Phillip Moffitt’s Dancing with Life on the Four Noble Truths, Larry Yang’s Awakening Together: The Spiritual Practice of Inclusivity and Community, or another book. If you fill out the form and subsequently decide to join a group that is forming, we ask that you commit to meeting for 3-6 months.

We will periodically form new groups as often as needed, so please feel free to fill out the form to express your interest at any time.