Support and Online Offerings During Time of Coronavirus

Dear Sangha,

Like many of you, we at the Durango Dharma Center are receiving the news of coronavirus with deep concern. This is a time of great uncertainty and it’s natural to feel anxiety, worry, sadness and other challenging emotions as many beings are affected by both the illness and the ramifications of its spread. Our hearts go out to all who are affected with compassion and loving-kindness.

We are each responsible not only for protecting ourselves, but for protecting each other. In alignment with our intention of active non-harming, we will be closing the center to in-person programs to mitigate the potential for transmission of coronavirus. This closure will take effect starting Monday, March 16. As conditions rapidly change, we will respond day by day.

While we will not be meeting together in person for a period of time, the Dharma Center is here in the spirit of offering refuge during these strange and uncertain times. We are pleased to be able to offer key programs online during this time and invite you to participate:

  • Starting Monday, March 16, the Monday night sit and dharma talk program will be held online using the Zoom platfirm. You may join either online (click this link) or by phone (dial 301-715-8592 then enter the meeting ID: 576 765 4067). You may wish to download the free Zoom application for ease of use. To check out the upcoming schedule of talks, please click here.
  • The Sen Gen, Mid Gen and Next Gen kalyana mitta groups as well as Sati Sundays and the Mindfulness 12 Step groups will all be meeting online through Zoom. To access your meeting, please go to our calendar of events, click on the program, and access the link.

We are aware that this is a time of great challenge. If you are feeling stressed regarding current conditions and would like to touch base with someone from the Dharma Center, please feel free to call 970-426-8983 or email us at . A leader from our collective of board members and longtime practitioners will be available to connect with you during this time.

During times of difficulty, the need for dharma practice is stronger than ever, and the Dharma Center is here to support you to stabilize and stay connected with your practice. We’re staying abreast of changing conditions and will respond nimbly as new information becomes available. We are holding everyone who is impacted by the coronavirus with compassion and care. May we all stay connected to the goodness of our own hearts and minds as well as each other during these challenging times.

With much metta,

Erin, Yong, Vic, Kate, Lynne, Cindy, Alena and Paula

The Dharma Council and Board of Directors