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Join the Sustaining Sangha with a Monthly Gift

Offer a Monthly Gift

We invite you to offer a dedication for your monthly gift if you so choose.

The dedication (no more than 150 words in the below field) will appear in an upcoming email newsletter. This is an optional practice, and if you choose to participate, you may include your name or make an offering anonymously. The amounts will remain confidential. Examples of dedications: “I make this offering with gratitude for my beloved sister, Jane, in honor of her kindness, generosity and bright spirit. We have shared so much together and my life would not be the same without you.” Or “To all the flowers, trees, plants and animal beings, the rivers, the forests, the oceans and the mountains. For the smallest insect and the mightiest tree. With this offering, I celebrate the beauty of our planet!” Or “May all beings be well, happy, peaceful and at ease.” You may also include a short poem or drawing. Thank you so much for your generosity!


If you would like to give a different amount than the choices above, or would prefer to have your gift debited directly from your bank account, please contact our Operations Manager at .”